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Comitato Stop 5G incontra Marchionini - 13 Febbraio 2020 - 01:08

Comitato stop 5G VCO
Gentile sig. Rocco, Di seguito potrà leggere il profilo del dr livio Giuliani, con tutti gli incarichi ricoperti, la laurea in Matematica, qui ha ragione ma c'era un errore nel sito dove io mi ero informato, con 110 e lode. Quindi un uomo di notevole intelligenza. Ho scritto che era dirigente dell'Ispesl e ricercatore sui campi elettromagnetici e questo risulta ampiamente dal suo profilo. Dr. Giuliani earned his laurea cum laude in mathematics on 1974 and served as Assistant and Lecturer at the Institute of Mathematics, 1st University of Rome (1974). Dr. Giuliani has been conducting research on radioprotection for over 30 years. From 1975 to 1982, he worked at the Personnel Dosimetry Lab of ENPI (Italian Labour Ministry) whose film dosimetry method and film and TLD procedures were employed to monitor over 40.000 IR exposed workers in Italy. Since affiliating with ISPESL (a department within the Italian Health Ministry), his main professional interests have been worker protection against non-ionizing radiation and electrical and magnetic fields. Since 1988, he has monitored radiofrequency antennas and co-location facilities as well as high voltage power lines. He contributed to the adoption of the Italian government exposure guidelines (Decree 1998/381) and, in recognition of his contributions, he was named “father of the 6 V/m (0,1W/m2 ) RF/MW limit” by the national press (La Repubblica, 20/1/2003, Corriere della Sera etc.) He provided the scientific rationale for the Italian framework of restriction that govern public EMF exposure which the Italian Government recommended that the EU Council adopt on October 1998, instead of the ICNIRP framework. The Italian Government recommendation to the EU was written according to the May 5, 1994 and March 10, 1999 EU Parli, ament Resolutions, and the precautionary principle was also applied as the basis for the EU EMF protection framework (EU Council Recommendation 1999/519, which did not include the Italian and EU Parliament suggestions, but refers to marginal issues). He was senior researcher (1996), Chief of research programs (1998) and has directed the Radiation and Ultrasounds Research Unit of ISPESL up to the present time. He is chief of the East Veneto and South Tirol Department of ISPESL (2000), where he has lead a large EMF research program, with the participation of scientific institutions like the Italian National Council of Researches (CNR, Bologna and Rome Labs), the Italian Nuclear Energy Committee (ENEA, Frascati), the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN, Milano University Section), the Cancer Researches Institute of the B. Ramazzini Foundation (Bologna) and others, concerning both fundamental and the phenomenological issues of the interaction between EMF and biological systems. He is a professor on contract to teach Bioelectromagnetics at the Higher School of Biochemestry of Camerino University, He has published several papers in international scientific magazines. He served on the World Health Organization’s Precautionary Principle Working Group and has made presentations at many international meetings. He is a cofounder of the International Commission For Electromanetic Safety and has served as its spokesman since this organization was founded in 2003. Disclaimer: Dr. Giuliani has signed the Benevento Resolution as an expression of his own opinion: his signature does NOT represent the official opinion of ISPESL
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